Static and mobile Sandblast


The sand stroke can be used for various purposes; Among them the revival of the metallic material; Get better adhesion in galvanized, galvanized or painted; And cleaning rust or paint residue. For the cleaning service we have the ability to work directly in your premises if necessary.

Zinc plated

This treatment is given to metal parts to prevent corrosion.

A cold zinc bath with electricity that adds resistance to the metal material.



To obtain an even greater resistance in the metallic materials, these receive the treatment of galvanizing that adheres more to the metal and guarantees less risk of corrosion.

Powder coating



This type of coating is applied as a dry powder, provides a solid finish that is much more resistant compared to conventional paint. This service is performed in our facilities, where we have the necessary oven.


Heat treatment


It is used to obtain quenching of special metallic materials such as A2, C2 and D2. Through the use of heat, a higher resistance of the metal is obtained, which prevents a premature wear, product of the friction.