In Baja Metal Group we offer the integral solution to your needs of industrial engineering, metalworking and manufacturing. We offer consulting, planning, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.


Industrial Facilities.

We make sure your facilities are in top condition. That is, production lines, supply lines, facilities and even cleaning.

Equipment for handling of materials


Material handling and equipment maintenance are vital to streamline production processes and extend the life of equipment and tools.

Engineering and Desing


Invention, design and improvement are the bases to find the integral solution to the needs of our clients.

Preparation Services Finished and treated


Before finishing a metal part it is important to give it the best finish.

Resistance, durability and excellent appearance are fundamental requirements in our quality control.



We design, manufacture and install hydraulic / mechanical equipment for cargo and transport service units.



At BMG we are experts working with metal materials. We have the part you needed in your process.