Welding steel, aluminum, and stainless steel


We are certified in welding of steel and aluminum by the American Welding Society. Our team of welders are trained in welding black steel, carbon steel, stainless steel with TIG process and aluminum welding with contribution of aluminum with contribution.

Manufacturing of metalworking parts


We carry out the manufacturing process of industrial parts, from the design to the production of the parts required to solve the needs of our customers.

Cutting of Metals


We offer precise cuts with pantograph and plasma; Cutting of bars and profiles with the use of saw; As well as the guillotine for the work with sheets and plates.

Our work complies with standards and we offer tolerances of + - 0.8 mm

Machining of metal parts



We transform the steel into metal-mechanical parts, we remove the excess material to obtain the desired shape with high quality standards.

Metalmechanical Assembly and Subassembly

We make the assembly of industrial products, as well as the subassembly of components, in case of being a more complex machine.

Manufacture of parts on a flat basis


We manufacture industrial parts according to design requirements and manufacturing standards, taking industrial design plans as a reference point.

Recovery of metalworking parts


If in any of the processes something went wrong due to some component or set up, we can rework the pieces based on the needs. We will do everything to rescue the pieces.